Time to Stick to High-Voltage Tech

  • Time to Stick to High-Voltage Tech

    August 24, 2017
    Time to Stick to High-Voltage Tech

    Low-voltage-driven DC motors may be way too energy-consuming, compared with high-voltage-driven ones, and this proved statement will absolutely be jaw-dropping to any users. What people have known for years is that, low-voltage DC motors (less than 48V) are most commonly used, and may be the only answer they turn to when they’re in need of an energy-saving motor, with going green as a global trend.


    However, we should reverse our ideas, and take ‘high-voltage’ motors into account.



    Lower transmission loss

    Genese motor uses high-voltage-driven technology (around 310V). Conventional DC motors, usually without being high-voltage-driven, after AC is transferred to DC, require making DC to a lower voltage (less than 48V). As you may have imagined, the loss during electricity transmission is quite significant, yet easily ignored by most users.


    But Genese has noticed.


    Considering the enormous amount of transmission loss a single motor would make, Genese developed a high-voltage-driven technology, which, after AC is transferred to DC, doesn’t need to make DC to a lower voltage.

    Thus, it’s going to decrease the energy consumption by 10-15% than conventional DC motors. 



    Lower cost

    The power box of a high-voltage-driven motor is smaller than that of a traditional motor, and of course the material cost is going to be lower, besides, it won’t take much space in your system.



    Lower copper loss

    Another reason why you should stick to high-voltage technology, lies in the circuit.


    The circuit used in motor driver is relatively thinner, which surely not only makes the copper loss lower than ever, but reduces the cost of copper. That said, the thinner circuit requires more numbers of winding circles, which is going to take more time to finish a stator assembly, than traditional production process.


    But, Genese makes the winding time shorter.


    Our exclusive patented automated production line, invented to match Genese unique motor structure, has managed to shorten the normal assembly time.

    To know more about our patented production process, please read A Pioneering Idea on Motor Production.