A Pioneering Idea on Motor Production

  • A Pioneering Idea on Motor Production

    August 24, 2017
    A Pioneering Idea on Motor Production

    Being one of the Brushless DC motor suppliers around the globe, Genese has managed to differentiate itself from other competitors, by how we do with the motor stator design and production methods. But, what’s special about it?



    Separate bobbins

    To keep up with our high-voltage-driven technology, unlike traditional motors, each of our BLDC motor is designed to have separate bobbins on the stator part, which makes the winding time even shorter.  


    According to the unique stator structure, a matching production process has been invented.


    Genese’s production process substantially increases the speed of winding, wire bonding, and stator assembly, along with the optimization of PCB soldering and inspections, all in a fluent and steady manner that a traditional man-made production process couldn’t even achieve.



    Product traceability

    Through digitalized inspections on returned data, defective items can be traced back in time, without being passing down unnoticed to the last stop.


    We also keep our customers updated, by providing the QR code at each station, and every details along the assembly line can be revealed to give people a clearer idea on what was going on, based on the given data.        



    Automated & Patented production process  

    Automated production considerably minimizes the human errors, which always happen around traditional work stations, and maintains the product quality at a satisfactory level.


    Now, Genese has got patented as below:

    Through the patents we’ve got, and are going to get, our intellectual properties can be well preserved.