Who is Genese ?

"The cheapest energy is the energy you didn't use at the first place."


Genese Intelligent Tech is dedicated to bringing more energy-efficient solutions into all households, with our energy efficient motors and  technology as mediators.



Our BLDC motor, powered by 310VDC high voltage, is strongly supported by an exclusive assembling method behind, and we're able to increase the motors' energy utilization dramatically up to 75-85%, which is 50% more than AC motors and 15% more than conventional DC motors. 


As a leading motor supplier for home appliances, we’ll not only make our lives more comfortable, but also make much contribution to the next generations.

Our Core Competence

  • Faster

Through the unique separate bobbins, we make the stator winding time much shorter than it’s supposed to be, along with PCB soldering and inspections, in a fluent manner that usually doesn’t exist around traditional work stations.



  • More stable

The production process is completely automated to provide products with more stable quality. The errors believed to occur around man-made production process are not going to happen again here in Genese.



  • Easier traced

At each working station, a QR code has been ready to scan for returned inspection data on our products, and give our customers clearer reviews. Also, we can immediately trace back the defective items, without passing them to the last stop unnoticed. 


What we value


Genese believes an organized Quality Policy will lead the whole team toward a much clearer and mutual future.

Thus, we have it regularized into the following executive steps: 

We always strive to achieve Customer Satisfaction by integrating motor technology, and we practice World-Class Quality Management, getting Involvement & Participation for every energy saving solution, and never late for Pursuing excellence & Beyond.   




Now, please join us and watch the Company Introduction Video below.

What We Achieved