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    Genese's global patents on motor structure and auto-production

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Welcome to GENESE Your reliable energy saving partner! 

Green Messages from Genese

What’s always kept in our mind is to make contribution to lives on earth.

For Genese, it took us a lot of efforts being engaged in providing systematic solutions of Brushless DC motors. We started from the scratch and our teams were built up bit by bit. Yet, we’ve gone this far and had some significant achievements now.

The range of applications for motors is so broad, in order to bring our corporate beliefs into every household, we’ve been focusing on smart home appliance markets. From energy-efficient fan and range hood blower motors to low-energy consuming water pumps, Genese successfully patented our innovative productions and designs for high-voltage-driven, sensor-less and inner-rotating motor technology, based on our hopes for sustainability.

I strongly believe that with our great corporate partners, passionate and hardworking teams, Genese can definitely find better ways to optimize our collaboration to achieve the mutual goal of “Being the world-class leader in BLDC motor technology”. As Genese people, we’ll manage to stay on top of this field to provide more green motor solutions to the world.

Let Genese be with you, hand in hand, fulfilling green projects for a better future!                                                                                                                       

Genese has Green Energy ideas to share with you.